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6 Amazing technologies restaurant can use after Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has made businesses and customers more reliant on technology than ever before. This is because of the fact that to continue operations, many businesses have to rely on various technological methods due to the shortage of human help and because of social distancing norms. Customers also depend on technologies for access to services.

6 Amazing technologies restaurant can use after Coronavirus

In the case of restaurants also, technology may create a huge impact on the business after the lockdown.

These technological innovations are based on customer expectations and behaviour. Let us take a look at them here:

  • More customers are easily handling the different technology hacks
  • Fear of human proximity due to the pandemic
  • Adaptation of more stringent hygiene measures
  • Knowledge about sustainability

Now let us take a look at the possible technologies that restaurants might take up post-pandemic

Droid centric operations

To ensure zero human contact with food, some restaurants are operating with the help of Droids. For instance, Spyce in Boston prepares meals with the help of Robots. Similarly, Creator in San Francisco makes burgers using Robots to avoid any human contact.

However, some of the other tasks are done by humans in Creator and therefore it is important to note that a balance between human and droid functioning will be an essential feature in future restaurant operations.

Food Kiosks 

Some restaurants across the USA are starting to use food kiosks where customers can order their food from one point and pick it up at another point when it's ready. The robotic kiosk will display the entire digital menu for the customers to choose from. This technology has been controlled using Artificial Intelligence. The technology might see a boom in the future as there is no human contact involved which will help in containing the spread of the virus.

The hub and satellite system 

In this system, the restaurant will have two locations, the hub where the food will be prepared and made ready and it will be distributed to customers from the satellite locations. The good thing about this system is that it requires very less staff and therefore reduced human contact. The potential of this model is yet to be realised as it is in the conceptual stage but might become a reality in the near future.

Drones, Delivery Robots and Autonomous vehicles

Drones, Delivery Robots and Autonomous vehicles might be used more in the future to deliver food with minimal human contact. Kiwibot, a popular food delivery service provider made up to 90,000 deliveries using Robots. 

Similarly, with the support of Toyota has plans to deliver meals to an emergency shelter program in Fremont. It is still too early to say whether these technologies will lead the industry but with Coronavirus in the backdrop, these technologies have received a good push with the rise in demand for contactless food delivery.

Proximity Bracelets

This interesting technology is being currently tested by Ford. It will indicate if people will get too close to each other and also the data stored in it will help us in tracking the infections in case a delivery boy gets infected as it will show the people whom the delivery boy contacted.

Touchless menu

When dining in, menus get constantly touched by customers and this can lead to the spread of the Virus. The digital menu can come in handy at such a time as it can be transferred using a special Wi-Fi network to the smartphones or any other Wi-Fi enabled device of customers. This can help in reducing the concern of customers regarding safety and also help save money by eliminating the need for reusable menus and sanitizing procedures.

The above technological leaps are definitely in the forefront when it comes to adaptation by restaurants in the near future but for any business that is starting out with technology, an online ordering system is the beginning point. Given the present scenario, it is something inevitable.

Shopurfood is in the middle of a crisis but technology hints that it may lead to better opportunities. So we can definitely hope for the best after we are done with this “Pandemic”.