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6 ways text messaging can prove useful for your vacation rental

6 ways text messaging can prove useful for your vacation rental

63% of customers prefer to join hands with a company that offers text messaging as a means of communication.

Text messages provide an ideal platform for companies and customers alike to communicate better and seamlessly as is evident from the statistics. It simplifies the communication strategies that you already have in place. 

In this article we will take a look at some of the ways in which text messages can help better your vacation rental business communication strategy 

Use text messages to follow-up

About 81% of people plan their vacation and stop there, no wonder, as we are living in a busy world and get distracted with so many things. A follow up text reminding them about their vacation rental might just trigger that last minute reaction where your customers might go ahead with the booking. A quick reminder can do wonders to your bookings.

Prior to arrival 

As you go through your reservation process, ask customers if they are okay with you sending text messages regarding the rental updates. Once they give the green signal you can go about it without any second thoughts. Letting them know that you are along with them in every step of their vacation can make their experience even more personalized. You can do this by sending messages every time they request anything and when you process their requests. Letting them know about how excited you are to have them as your guests can really enhance the guest experience 

Text messages at check-in 

You can think of passing on the check-in information to your guests via a text message too, apart from the regular email thing. This allows them to access any urgent requirements like gate code or the Wi-Fi password. Also ask them to send a text message once they reach your vacation rental so that you can check-in with them and help them instantly with any initial queries that they have about their rental space and also to make them feel more comfortable and at ease. 

A jovial follow-up 

Once the guests have settled down, you can send a jovial message the next day, perhaps asking them on how their check-in experience was and also if you can help them with anything else. After this follow-up, give them their space by not bombarding your guests with too many messages, but at the same time make sure to inform them about your availability 24/7 for any of their concerns or requirements

Convey information about local events and places 

A great way to enhance the guest experience through text messaging is by sending them messages regarding cool places and events in the locality that can be explored. Utilize this space to inform your guests about which places to avoid going to in the locality due to high traffic or any other reason for that matter.

Check-out messages

Once it is time for checkout, you can send a text message informing the procedures and also mention the checkout details to avoid any confusions. You can thank them in the message for using your property and also convey about the delightful time you had with them. Provide useful tips for your guests like, “How to reach the airport quickly” or “An ideal restaurant to have breakfast on the way to the airport”. It's a small gesture showcasing your human side and conveying a clear message that you really care for your guests. These messages can be automated easily with a vacation rental software


Guest reviews are important   

Reviews can really contribute to boost your rental business. Make sure to get as many reviews as possible from your guests. They might be in a hurry to get back to their day to day lives but by sending a text message with a link that redirects your guests to the place where they have to post their review can help them review your place easily and quickly

By implementing and integrating text messaging into your vacation rental business, you can communicate and convey useful and important information to your guests effortlessly. So start with text messages today itself and see the change it brings about to your vacation rental business and revenue!