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Hulu Plus & Hulu Live TV: Prices and Benefits

Hulu Plus & Hulu Live TV: Prices and Benefits

Hulu is one of the leading companies which redefine our old school television viewing. As one of best online television streaming company, they are well-praised by satisfied clients. Great reviews and feedbacks is being received by the company for the good service they are providing. Hulu Plus and Hulu Live TV are the packages they offer in a specific pricing plan. Before judging any of this package or deciding to avail it or not, it is just reasonable to know what the benefits of using them are as well as how much Hulu Live TV and Hulu Plus cost.

The Basics of Hulu 

In order to understand the real perks of using Hulu Plus and Hulu Live TV which is the paid packages, we must first understand what Hulu (free version) is. As mentioned earlier, it is a video streaming service that operates using the internet. Free version Hulu or simply Hulu can be enjoyed and accessed through computers and laptops. Aside from the fact that it has been hailed as being exceptionally fast, it is such additional perks of flexibility that make the service a great option for those who want to do online video streaming, especially in areas with rather poor connections and over various operating systems.

It is not commercial free since it is free of charges. However, there is a lot of TV shows and movies to choose from. On the other hand, you don’t have the access to past seasons of the TV series as well as the last 5 episodes of a show.

Getting To Know Hulu Plus

From the name of the subscription itself, you can immediately infer that it is a plus version of the free Hulu. But what are that plus features? For $7.99 dollars a month package, you can now enjoy this video streaming service on newer versions of IPhones and IPods, game consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One, set-top boxes, smart TVs, android phones and many more. You can now also indulge in full season TV series and the great access to pass seasons from more than 200 different channels.

Hulu has their finest TV shows, movies and series, some are their originals and some are provided by their partner network. Just like any other Hulu package, this one comes in HD viewing feature. Yet, the