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How to avoid problems with multiple submission?

How to avoid problems with multiple submission?

To work on the project, a project team is assembled, consisting of employees of various departments, partially or fully involved in the project.

The project should be led by the project manager, he will also be the direct manager for all team members.

And here for the employee, a "conflict" situation arises - double subordination, that is, to the functional manager and the project manager. If an employee participates in several projects at once, then the number of managers is equal to the number of projects (excluding the functional manager).

This is where the problems arise. Employees (the majority) begin to say, "There are many bosses over me, and I am alone. I can’t tear myself at all", "I don’t know who to listen to", "Whoever is the last one comes up and carries out the tasks". The functional manager, in turn, says - "All people have been taken from me, but they demand the result! How to be !?".

Sometimes their complaints and indignation are justified, but more often it is just a manipulation and a convenient way to relieve oneself of responsibility.

Is there a way to avoid double submission issues? – Yes, there is! It is necessary to organize competent planning, the distribution of people and resources, and also to create a project-oriented culture in the organization.

Yes, this is not an easy task, but quite feasible. If your company has such a problem, then, as my and international practice suggests (even if the company has extensive experience in project implementation), you need to:

· Train project management for all managers;

· To shape project thinking among all employees;

· To train project managers to agree with each other on the loading of shared resources, to jointly resolve issues regarding resources;

· Regulate the approach to working with shared resources, including the distribution of responsibilities between functional managers and project managers.

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