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How to work effectively at home?

How to work effectively at home?

Now, all over the world there is a transition to remote work. This is due to global trends and various problems, such as coronavirus. In the light of these events, I want to share with your tips (based on personal experience) on how to properly organize such work:

· Do not work while lying on a sofa or bed, as the line between work and life is blurred. It will seem that you work 24 hours a day, and work on the fact will not be effective;

· Organize your workplace with a comfortable desk, chair and good lighting. He should want to work for him;

· Write an all-day task plan. It will be more convenient to distribute the load and time (large tasks can be divided into small ones, it is easier to perform them);

· Eat your frog” - start your day with the most difficult and important tasks, as Brian Tracy recommends. Performing such a task at the beginning of the day will make you feel like a winner;

· Turn on the music or put on your headphones for work to concentrate and nothing distracts you;

· Ask your family and loved ones not to disturb you while you work;

· Limit time-eaters. Set the time (1-2 h/day) when you will check mail and social networks. Block access to unnecessary sites for a while (there are special programs for this), if you are drawn to distract them;

· Go in for sports (now it is worth doing at home);

· Rest as much as you see fit. In general, some remote managers use the "tomato" method, i.e. make 5-minute pauses every 25 minutes of continuous operation (possible every 1-2 hours) or after completing a task;

· Do not forget about personal motivation! Try to reward yourself for the task or work done.

In your free time you can read useful books on this topic:

· "How to work 4 hours a week", T. Ferris;

· "How to put things in order: the art of productivity without stress", D. Allen;

· 7 Skills of Highly Effective People”, S. Covey;

· "Eat the frog first", B. Tracy.

And especially for those who want to master project management skills or are considering pumping leadership skills, I suggest you:

1. The book "ProjectManagement. The Right Way for Beginners", author Peter Dikiy;

2. The program "Super Leader"for leveling Leadership, author Peter Dikiy.

From them you will learn the steps how to learn a new profession for yourself, even if you are completely new and do not know anything about it yet. You will learn something new if you are already working in this profession. Understand how to work with a remote team.

And thanks to the program, develop your leadership skills. They will be useful to you in work and everyday life.

Friends, the world is rebuilding, the main thing is to have time to rebuild your life in order to feel comfortable and grow, despite all the problems.

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