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Project Management - Risk Management!

Project Management - Risk Management!

Manage the project, manage and take risks!

Any project exists in an environment with great uncertainty, and in the state. sector, it reaches its maximum value.

Simply put, risks can appear in a project, and they can be either positive (opportunities) or negative (threats).

This means that a good project manager must learn not only to predict risks well, but also minimize them or avoid them altogether.

You can also accelerate the onset of risks or enhance their consequences. Yes, this is not a joke, because in management, "risk is a probabilistic event that can affect goals". Therefore, if the project manager does not work with positive risks, then he misses the opportunity and, as a result, loses time and money.

So that risk forecasting does not turn into a fortune-telling on a daisy, and risk management does not come down only to the hopes of "come true / will not come true" or "let's increase the time by 50%", the project team must know and actively apply special risk management tools: organizational, technical, financial, legal and other. Only the project manager can teach this team, and control it too.

In general, the number of such specific tools (measures) available in the arsenal of the project manager and his team can be quite a lot, it all depends on the project, organization and customer.

Risk management can be found in my book "Project Management. The Right Way for Beginners".

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