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There are no stupid questions, except for those who were afraid to ask!

There are no stupid questions, except for those who were afraid to ask!

    Our whole life consists of setting tasks for someone or getting tasks from someone.

    Working in a team is no different from life - we either receive or set goals.

    In this whole cycle of tasks there is one big and widespread problem: those who set the task think that they are clearly conveying information and everything is clear and understandable to everyone.

    In fact, those who receive the task, when asked if they understand what needs to be done, often respond negatively. Please note - when asked, and most often silent.

    Both those and others like to throw the blame on each other in case of problems during the performance of these tasks.

    And there are two main reasons for this:

    1. "School education" Pupils are forbidden to ask “stupid questions”;

    2. Too lazy to ask questions.

    Both reasons are actually petty, but many problems arise because of them. Understand that there are no stupid questions, except for those that you did not ask.

    Remember, the only way to success is to clarify the task. This should be done by both the director and the recipient of the task.

    Surely it turns out that you misunderstood something or understood, but not so, or maybe not sure that you understood.

    If you ask questions, you will surely do the task at a time and you won’t have to find time for an urgent alteration just because someone clarified something.

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