Phil Banks en Mechanical Engineering, Power Electronics Business Development • Siemens 24/4/2017 · 1 min de lectura · +100

Think Low Voltage means only Low Power? Think again.

The SINAMICS range of variable speed drives from Siemens offers a product for any of the common global mains network connections, from 200V single phase Low Voltage LV drives such as SINAMICS V20 for low power and basic performance applications like fitness machines, through to 13.8kV for high power Medium Voltage MV applications like industrial compressors for the oil & gas sector, such as SINAMICS GH180.

Think Low Voltage means only Low Power? Think again.

But it would be wrong to assume Low Voltage means only low power.

Take a look at the image here, of a low voltage high power industrial variable speed drive; this time a 4,200kW [4.2MW] 690V liquid cooled LV SINAMICS S120CM cabinet-built drive. 

A typical application for this might be a heavy duty internal batch mixer for the rubber industry as used in the production of automotive tires.

You can get further information here on SINAMICS LV Converters

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