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Assault on Greer Gulch, Montana. A Martian Front Battle Report.

Brigadier General John Pershing looked up at the miner standing before his desk.  The man was emaciated, disheveled, and filthy.  He also noticed a very heavy sack tied to the rope that served as his belt.

"Tell me what you told my adjutant."

"Well sir,  I was told to go deep in to Greer Gulch, to act as a scout, like Captain Halter told me to.  I found good spot where I could see maybe half a mile up the creek.  I have been there for weeks sir, with next to no food but what I could catch, and"

"Get on with it", commanded the General.

"And then I saw it!  It was huge, taller than the tallest tree, one of them Martians!"

"How tall would you say man?"

Assault on Greer Gulch, Montana. A Martian Front Battle Report."A hundred foot if it was an inch.  Them Aspens sir, they only get 60 feet around here, and it was much taller then them."

"Then what did you do."

"I stayed to see if there was else I could see, then I left everything behind and ran like the dickens."  I was some 15 miles up the Gulch, and it took me most of the day and night to get here.

"What else?"

"I saw smaller Martians, smaller than the big one, but plenty tall.  About 8 of them."

The General stood up, "Thank you, you have been a great service to us. Sergeant, give this man a good meal, and make sure he is on the evacuation train with the sutlers."

After the man left, Major Spokes asked, "Are we sure we can rely on him?  He doesn't seem reputable."

Pershing replied, "He didn't leave that pouch of gold he was panning, but he did leave his whiskey.  I think is priorities were reasonably straight, and his measurements of that new, larger war machine match the reports from Texas.  Besides, we sent 6 men up those gorges, and he is the only one that came back. And, even if this is a false alarm, it will be good practice.

"Gentlemen, this is what we have been preparing for, get your men ready."

The Martians continue to probe the Rocky Mountains looking for a weak spot.