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One Summer Day, Poros vs. Hannibal

I am new to BeBee, and you are new to me as well.  The article below is referred to as a "Battle Report", of a miniatures game that was played.  The figures represent historical armies facing each other in a fictional combat.  In this case, the Carthaginian General, Hannibal, is fighting King Poros of India.  The rules for this game are L' Art de la Guerre.  Which is French for "The Art of War". 

I decided to have fun today.  I wasn't playing to win so I dusted off the pachyderms, just to see my opponents faces fall.  The disadvantage of the Indians is their foot is mostly mediocre in combat.  But the elephants offset that a lot.   The commands are organized as Mixed sword bow, elephant, guardsmen, elephant, mixed sword bow.  So any cavalry would have a -1 if charging in. The last command for the sweeps around the edge has a core of 3 heavy chariots.  Supported by a herd of stampeding cattle, which counts as a scythe chariot.

A Round Robin tournament, pulled together in the last minute by our gracious host. The original intent was Feudal / Medieval, but then settled on Classical/Roman periods.

It's Classic Indians vs. Carthaginians in this L' Art de la Guerre battle.

EnjoyOne Summer Day, Poros vs. Hannibal

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