Phil Gardocki in gaming Oct 17, 2019 · 1 min read · ~10

Second Battle of Pozsony

History is littered with millions of battles over thousands of years. A few of them are worthy enough to have been described by a historian.

This is not one of them.

1112 years ago, Bavaria, led by Prince Liutpold, and his allies from East Francia, was defeated in an epic struggle to remove newly arrived Slavic immigrants in what is today, modern Hungary. The battle had it all. A vastly underrated underdog, and pitiless Empire led by a heartless ruler backed by an even more evil church. 7 Samurai to defend the hapless farmers. Yul Brenner! The Force! The stuff of legends!

Then, almost exactly 138 years later, Pozsony once again is the site of an epic struggle. It was nothing like the original. The underdogs had grown in strength, the empire was evil, but is now on a more even alignment, the Force had migrated to a galaxy far, far away, and Yul Brenner refused to read the script.

Nikephoros II, and the Sneaker Brothers, Adidasphoros and Pumaphoros, head north to clear out the Danube basin of raiders from the north.  There they are met by the knights of St. Stavros.

It’s Medieval Hungarian vs Nikephorian Byzantine in this L’ Art de la Guerre battlereport.

Enjoy!Second Battle of Pozsony