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Angels or Demons

Angels or Demons

Abraham Lincoln often referred to givers as those with the courage to bringing forth the better angels of their nature. Demons hide their true intent to control and manipulate others. They are often mistakenly seen as givers by those they report to within the organization. Demons lack the authenticity and emotional intelligence to provide inspirational leadership.

This creates an unsafe work environment where attempts to innovate and change go unrewarded. We need to be aware of the negative energy, drama and chaos the demons within an organization encourage. They are the ones that have the most difficulty embracing innovation and change.

Angels have learned to balance their concern for others with while continuing to inspire by not giving away their energy. Learning to lower our walls by becoming less resistive, judgmental and attached to outcome is the key. An organization can have the best strategic plan in the world but without a culture based upon giving it will not succeed.

It is time we learnt how to out care the competition. Generosity and compassion are not weakness. They require courage and strength of purpose. Giving is the key to engagement, trust, productivity and revenue growth. Today companies that thrive are cultivating and promoting authenticity and emotional intelligence throughout their organizations. This enables our better angels to emerge.

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