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Becoming Who You Are

Becoming Who You Are

Your constant position in life is that you are at a fork in the road. You can choose actions that are a reflection of your authentic self or you can choose to behave in a way that is untrue for you. You can begin recall your personal greatness by starting the process of chipping away everything that is not truly you. The fears you have picked up. The limiting beliefs you have accumulated. The false assumptions that separate you from your authentic self.

It took you many years to forget the greatness within you. Chip away at everything that is not that work of art. The reconnection with your authentic self requires taking small steps, consistently. This is your greatest source of service and wealth.

The accelerating rate of global change has made the growing importance of authenticity inevitable. Companies are recognizing there is a huge gap in the level of authenticity and emotional intelligence among the individuals within their organizations. The focus on intellectual skills and abilities is no longer enough.

Michelangelo was asked how he sculpted his masterpieces. He replied that he simply saw the works of art embedded within the slabs of marble and then set about chipping away at everything that was not that work of art. Living authentically requires you to reconnect with the best that already resides within you. Your energy level is your chisel. Let’s get started.

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