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Being Yourself Is A Revolutionary Act

Being Yourself Is A Revolutionary Act

In a world that wants us to whisper we need to yell. Speaking truth to power with conviction and compassion should not be a revolutionary act, but it is in the times in which we live. Our silence serves no one. We need to become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. We need to speak truth to power, not only when it is difficult, especially when it is difficult.

We must choose to fit in or stand out. Trying to compromise by doing both only leads to failure. We must follow our own path rather than trying to conform to the views of others. This requires us to lead by making our own map. In order to make a map we need to know where we are and where we want to go.

Speaking truth to power requires us to see the world through clear eyes. One day a system works then it does not. Being resistive, judgmental and attached to a particular outcome blinds us to this reality. We must be able to see the way things truly are instead of the way we would like them to be.

Authenticity and emotional intelligence are skills that will enable you to speak truth to power. They are the new economic currency. Increasingly, the global economy is rewarding this capability more than the compliance habits we were taught growing up. In a world that wants us to whisper you need to yell.


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