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“Change Management” is an Oxymoron

“Change Management” is an Oxymoron


                                                            You Cannot Manage Change, You Must Lead It

Managing requires the intellectual labor of following established rules and procedures. Leading requires the emotional labor of leaving your comfort zone and making new rules. Trying to manage people results in high levels of employee and customer disengagement. Defending the status quo is exhausting. Leading change and innovation requires the grit of being willing to fail repeatedly on the journey to greater levels of success.

Managers need the position-based power, credentials and authority given to them by others. A leader’s authenticity and emotional intelligence comes from within and inspires those being lead. Managers make widgets, leaders make change. In today’s global economy the market demands rapid change and innovation. Organizations must destroy the status quo in order to succeed.

One of the most needed skills we see in the world today is leadership. The lack authentic emotionally intelligent leadership is the root cause for most of the drama, chaos and conflict we see in individuals and organizations. We have reached a tipping point. We must add authenticity and emotional intelligence to our toolbox of skills and behaviors in order to face the tsunami of change before us.



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You cannot manage change, you must lead it!