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Chemical Rewards Vs. Inner Peace

Chemical Rewards Vs. Inner Peace

When we find the peace within our self we can live in peace with others. Happiness is a chemical reward within our brain that is fleeting, it comes and goes. Inner peace is what we are looking for but we mistakenly think of it as happiness.

Our brain has evolved to promote our survival, not to make us happy all the time. It releases the happy brain chemicals when we find a way to promote the survival of our genes. When we do something that enhances our survival our dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin reward us with a good feeling. These brain chemicals were not designed to flow for no reason. 

Dopamine is sometimes referred to as the “anticipation” neuro-chemical. It rewards us with excitement when we see a way to meet an unmet need. Our immune system can sense our emotions. Feelings of gratitude releases the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Oxytocin is considered the “trust” neuro-chemical. It rewards us with a nice safe feeling when we find the safety of social trust. It is released when we feel we have the trust, support and protection of the groups in which we share a common experience.

Serotonin can be thought of as the “popularity” neuro-chemical. It rewards us with a feeling of confidence when we compare our self favorably to others. When we put themselves at risk for the rake of others serotonin is released and we feel a sense of pride and confidence.

Endorphin creates a euphoria that masks physical pain. Laugher leases endorphins which is often seen as societal glue. Laughter reduces stress while lowering blood pressure and boosting our mood.

The process of reconnecting with our authentic self while developing our emotional intelligence will give us the tools and skills to experience inner peace. As we reconnect with our authenticity and develop our emotional intelligence our actions will inspire others to find their inner peace creating a culture capable of producing phenomenal results.

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