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Dancing With Our Amygdala

Dancing With Our Amygdala

Learning how to fail fast is the quickest way to better results. Anxiety is practicing failure in advance. Anxiety is needless and imaginary. It is fear about fear. That means it is nothing. It is a creation of our lizard brain to keep us stuck in our comfort zone. Do not let anxiety stop us from doing great things.

We have two almond shaped amygdales in our lizard brain. They scan all of our sensory inputs for possible threats in the same way they have been doing so for the past 500 million years. Our amygdales live in constant fear and they seek to minimize danger rather than maximize reward.

The amygdala found in our brain’s left hemisphere interprets the logical, literal text of the sensory information. The one in our right hemisphere looks at the emotional context of that information.

Our old lizard brain is the real powerhouse. It processes approximately 400 billion bits of information per second. All sensory information first comes to this part of our brain. It is responsible for our survival, breathing, heartbeat and keeping us safe and alive. Our lizard brain is trying to keep us alive by using fear to keep us from leaving our comfort zone.

The development of our authenticity and emotional intelligence is essential for us to be able to dance with our fear. We are living in a time of rapid and accelerating change. As we move forward, the individuals and organizations that will thrive and lead us are in the process of developing their authenticity and emotional intelligence.


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