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Ego and The Present Moment

Ego and The Present Moment

Our ego does not want us to be mindfully in the present moment. We spend very little time being consciously aware of the present moment. It took the universe 13.8 billion years to reach this present moment. We need to honor each moment and not simply try to take from its existence.  This is the enlightened path to better personal and business results.

When we no longer need anything from the present moment, when we can simply appreciate its beauty, we will have achieved enlightenment. This is the state of non-resistance, non-judgment and non-attachment to outcome. Each moment is simply the opportunity for us to live our life on purpose.

Our life is never NOT this present moment.  We often view living in the present moment is some kind of obstacle to be overcome to get to some better future moment.  We need to develop the wisdom to understand the distinction between our ability to think thoughts and the enlightened power of being present in each moment. For those who are willing to do the emotional labor required to be more fully present this awakening will shift their consciousness. 

The journey to authentic emotionally intelligent leadership requires us to become aware of the habits causing us to give away our energy. This creates our unconscious need to steal the energy of others. The results that follow usually include drama, chaos, conflict, distrust and disengagement. The person who is most present is the most influential leader.


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