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Emotional and Tactical Skills

Emotional and Tactical Skills

Both our emotional and tactical skills are needed. There is no question that the development of emotional skills is growing in awareness and importance. All of our habits are interconnected. The more habits and micro skills we create the better our results. Individuals and organizations that are developing their emotional intelligence have huge competitive advantage.

Until recently there has been little focus on the development of emotional skills. As a results there is a much wider range of emotional intelligence among individuals at all levels of an organization. This has become a key factor in hiring and promotional decisions.

Today our ability to thrive and survive depends upon our willingness and ability to reconnect with ourselves and each other much more than our tactical abilities.  The development of emotional skills requires the gradual elimination of ego.  Ego wants us to live our lives in fear of past or future events.  It cannot exist in the reality of the present moment.

Our worry often appears to be necessary but it serves no useful purpose.  When we can exist in the present moment without needing anything from that moment we will have achieved enlightenment.  We will have become non-resistant, judgmental or attached to outcome.  Both emotional and tactical skills are needed but it is our emotional skills that produce the greatest results.


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