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Emotional Truth and Agility

Emotional Truth and Agility

The way we deal with our emotions shapes our actions, careers, relationships, health and happiness. Emotional intelligence enables us to accurately perceive our emotions and stay aware of them as they happen. To use awareness of our emotions to positively direct our behavior. To pick up on emotions in others and understand what is really going on. The ability to use our emotions and the others’ emotions to successfully manage interactions.

When we no longer need anything from the present moment, when we can simply appreciate its beauty, we will have achieved enlightenment. This is the state of non-resistance, non-judgment and non-attachment to outcome. We do not own the present moment. Each moment is simply an opportunity for us to live on purpose as we seek to serve others.

The journey to authentic emotionally intelligent leadership must always start with ourselves. We need to understand and replace the unconscious habits we have created that are causing us to give away our energy. This is also why we steal the energy of others. When this happens the results often include drama, chaos, conflict, distrust and disengagement. We need to honor each moment and not simply try to take from its existence.  This is the proven path to better personal and business results.

When you confine your dreams with artificial boundaries – you are cheating yourself and others of the real you. You end up talking yourself into less, because you don’t know how to have more. Understand these boundaries are not real. They are merely the reflections of a set of limiting beliefs you carry around with you – beliefs that may have been put there by limited thinking from generations before you. It is time we break free from this illusion. Our occasional discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life. We own our emotions, they do not own us … they are just information for our consideration. In order for us to truly be able to see others we must be able to see ourselves.


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