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Enlightened Wisdom and Better Results

Enlightened Wisdom and Better Results

Enlightened wisdom and better results come from developing the awareness of the choices we are making and the effects of those choices on ourselves and others. It requires us to move beyond our paradigm and become more fully present in each moment. Authentic emotionally intelligent individuals demonstrate this conscious wisdom through their actions. It is important to understand no one can obtain results beyond their current level of consciousness.

Intellect is not an indication of, or replacement for the development of higher consciousness. Our obsessive focus on thinking over being often stands in our way of truly being present. We often live as if the present moment is some obstacle that we need to overcome to get to some better moment in the future. As a result we have lost the connection with our self and each other.

We need to understand the distinction between our ability to think thoughts and the power of being present in each moment. For those of us who are ready, this intellectual and emotional awakening will raise our consciousness and results. With each person who awakens the collective consciousness grows.

Today more than ever, our ability to thrive depends upon our willingness to do the emotional labor of reconnecting with ourselves and each other.  Mindfulness is about paying attention to our attention. It enables us to stop obsessing about the past or future by living more fully in the present. Our ego wants us to live our lives focused on the past or future.  It cannot exist in the reality of the present moment. 

In every moment we are either present or we are mindlessly following the habits that are keeping us locked in our current behaviors and results. Enlightened wisdom allows us to reduce the fight, flight or freeze response to change. As a result we experience less drama, chaos and conflict as we move toward better results.

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