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Enlightenment and Meta-Awareness

Enlightenment and Meta-Awareness

Meta-awareness is a level of consciousness that develops as we learn to become less resistive, judgmental and attached to outcome. Emotional mastery is a process that enables us to feel our emotions while at the same time watching them unfold objectively without resistance, judgment or attachment to outcome.

For example, sometimes during a conversation something being said triggers our ‘walls’ to go up and we give away our energy by reacting to what is being said. What others say or do is never about us – it’s about them, their point of view – their reality. Realizing this helps our walls to come down and we become better listeners as we open up to other possibilities. We begin to see the true reality in that moment. We are both a subjective participant and a curious objective observer within that moment.

Our objectivity allows us to move through our fear rather than being controlled by it. Emotional mastery is the process that enables us to feel our emotions subjectively while, at the same time, watching them unfold objectively. Developing our emotional mastery will enable us to move through our fears more objectively toward the results we want to achieve.

Creating a healthy balance between our challenges and our abilities can help maintain the motivation required to achieve continuously better results. Peak performance in business requires us to learn how to lower our walls and surrender into the “flow” of the present moment. Flow is a state of maximum efficiency when we are using our energy and our talents at peak levels.

We can let go of the toxic relationships in our lives by becoming less resistive, judgmental and attached to outcome. We can refuse to absorb their negative energy. This leads to enlightened meta-awareness and deeper trusted relationships.


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