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Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough

Increasingly I wonder what future generations are going to say about us and the choices we are making. Will they feel our actions have helped them or added to the challenges they are having to face?

We are standing on the shoulders of all the generations that have come before us. It is not enough for us to simply read about and admire their challenges and accomplishments. We have our own work to do just as they had their work to accomplish. We can honor their efforts by working to develop our authenticity and emotional intelligence.

The sheep among us, which represent the status quo, will only move out of their comfort zones when a large enough group of authentic emotionally intelligent leaders show them the way.

Our current behavioral patterns are increasing at odds with our continued survival. We struggle and fight ourselves and each other way too much. We are taking too many simultaneous hits to survive without a coordinated healing response. The challenges we face have metastasized to the point to where we need a revolutionarily new approach. We have only been dealing with the symptoms of our challenges while ignoring the root cause of those ongoing challenges. This approach is no longer enough.

We have come to a tipping point in our history. The global turmoil we are experiencing is merely the backdrop to the choices that we must now face. We need to learn how to make better choices. We need to add authenticity and emotional intelligence to our toolbox of skills and behaviors.

Like anything else in life you want to get good at, it will take hard work and dedicated practice.  It is time for us to focus on the development of our authenticity and emotional intelligence. Enough is enough, future generations are counting on us.

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