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Having Fun and Making Money

Having Fun and Making Money

Money was invented to reflect the value of the relationships and exchanges we have with each other. There is no inherent value in a piece of paper or a shiny stone. Their only value is the collective fictional one we agree to give them.

The ability of individuals and organizations to create value and carry out transactions across borders is accelerating. Money has become more than a static unit of value. The authenticity and emotional intelligence you and your company demonstrate in the service of others will determine the value of your relationships and exchanges. Whether reflected in paper, digital or programmable currencies this is your true source of wealth.

Money and wealth are not the same thing. The real purpose of money is to move wealth around. The disadvantage of looking at money as wealth is that it obscures what being in business really means. When we stress over money we are stressing over something that has no real value. Money is just a number in a database. It is an information mechanism for labor allocation. Most people think that the primary purpose of a business is to make money. But money is simply the intermediate stage. What your customers really want is the product or service you provide that removes their pain.

The authentic leadership and emotional intelligence you demonstrate while serving others is the “money magnet” that represents the new economic currency. The passion and clarity with which you provide that service enables you to have fun and make money.


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Nice Buzz. If we could get people to go back to a Barter system, they would quickly realize that money would have Zero worth.

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