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Horses and Cars

Horses and Cars

Sometimes I try to imagine what Henry Ford must have felt like when discussing the emerging automotive industry with horse owners. Revolutionary change is always met with fear and skepticism – we can’t help ourselves from reacting in this way when it comes to rapid change.

In a similar way, the recognition and acceptance of the growing need for authentic leadership and emotional intelligence is working its way through the following progression.

Every important idea starts out on the fringe. It is not obvious, proven or readily explained. Sometimes, that fringe idea begins to resonate with those around the fringe-loving. It is risky, but now there are more people embracing it.

Sometimes the risky idea is seen by some as a new thing. They alert their trusted advisor network. These are the people that trust their opinion and want to be in on the new thing. When enough of them embrace a new thing it becomes a hot thing and then the hot thing goes to mass acceptance.

Finally, when enough people accept the idea, they begin to pressure the