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“If information was the answer we’d all be billionaires with 6-pack abs.”

Individuals who were initially hired for their knowledge often end up in died end jobs, passed over for promotion or simply fired for a lack of emotional intelligence. Whether you are a senior executive or not, the development of your emotional intelligence will produce superior results. Engagement levels increase because people feel safe in your presence. Your emotional intelligence will become your greatest asset.

Until recently there has been a high selection pressure for IQ and experience within corporations with little or no focus on emotional intelligence. As a result there is a much wider range of variation in emotional intelligence among individuals within an organization. Superior knowledge is no longer enough. Companies are hiring and promoting emotional intelligence. Learn how to out care the competition by developing your emotional intelligence.

A safe work environment is the primary job of executive leadership. This is the true responsibility of leadership. In business we often give bonuses to executives who are willing to sacrifice others so that we may gain. Truly authentic, emotionally intelligent leaders are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to create a safe environment so that others may gain. Most executives have it backwards.

The relationships we have with others are built on trust and a feeling of safety.  Authentic, emotionally intelligent leaders have your back.  They would never sacrifice your safety for their own personal benefit.  When employees feel safe so will your customers and their business.

Executives get paid to create better results but few are willing to take ownership of the actual change process. Especially when it involves changes to systems and patterns of behavior that allowed them to succeed in the first place. The process of leading cultural change is like walking through a war zone. You see misery, trauma and occasional casualties. It is the process of doing emotional labor that develops our authenticity and emotional intelligence.

Your trusted relationships network is your most valuable asset. The global economic value of these networks is growing much faster than the traditional economy. Its current value is estimated at over $10 Trillion per year. If these network