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Inspiring Followers

Inspiring Followers

The development of authenticity and emotional intelligence inspires highly engaged followers. We do this by gradually learning to become less resistive, judgmental and attached to outcome.

In contrast to the authentic, emotionally intelligent leader, controlling individuals try to use their positive-based power to control others. These individuals travel in victim packs so that they can feed off of each other’s negative energy.

They need each other, but they do not like each other or trust each other. They would never open up and lower their walls around each other. This type of a co-dependent relationship requires the creation of ongoing conflict, chaos and drama. They are incapable of inspiring highly engaged trusted relationships.

A company’s culture is its personality. It is the way its members behave. If its “leaders” are critical, chaotic and unsupportive the culture will not do well. Authenticity and emotional intelligence is the critical component in creating a safe environment in which to build trust and the innovation essential for better results.

The victim environments we work and live in are killing us. We have a primal need to feel safe.  We become disengaged if we lose trust in another’s ability or willingness to protect us from danger.  Our immune system shuts down making us more receptive to poor health and victim behavior.  If we feel safe we are more willing to take risks. We are more likely to innovate and embrace change.   If we do not trust the individuals around us that will not happen. Relationships are about feeling safe.  Authentic, emotionally intelligent leaders would never sacrifice your safety for their own personal benefit.


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