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Knowing Your Why

Knowing Your Why

The emotional connection you have with the Vision of your desired results is the key to actually achieving those results. It will keep you focused on the benefits and rewards while providing the grit to move through the inevitable challenges you will face along the way.

The lifelong journey toward better results, growth and enlightenment will involve several separate and distinct Visions. Each of these “whys” will act as motivational stepping stones that will build upon the emotional labor required by the previous Visions that got you to this point on your journey.

What is it you want? Answer right now, off the top of your head. What does that look like to you? How would your life be different? Ask yourself again, “What do you want?” Take your time to answer in a specific, personal and positive way. Use these steps to visualize your why. Then find a way to remember and rededicate yourself to it each day.

Knowing what to do and how to do it will become easier once you have made the emotional connection to what you want to achieve. The emotional labor that change requires will also reconnect you with your authentic self while developing your emotional intelligence.

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