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Master of Business Leadership Podcast Is Coming!

Master of Business Leadership Podcast Is Coming!

                                                   Master of Business Leadership Podcast Is Coming!

                                                                                 January 15, 2018

                                     The Ultimate Success Code, Authenticity and Emotional Intelligence

After leaving school EQ, not IQ is the most critical factor in your success. In its report "The Future of Jobs & Skills" the World Economic Forum declared emotional intelligence will become one of the Top-10 most required skills by 2020.

We are really feeling machines that think. But we often behave like thinking machines that just happen to feel. We’ve got it backwards. We praise people for their independence and personal achievements. We need to praise those that know how to connect with others. The world is changing too fast. There is a fundamental gap in our education and development that needs to be addressed.

In the past decade employee engagement has decreased by over fifty percent to <13 percent. We each have a primal urge to feel safe. If we lose trust in our leaders’ ability or willingness to protect us we become disengaged. 

Our network of trusted relationships is our most valuable asset. The global economic value of these networks is growing much faster than the traditional economy. Its current value is estimated at over $10 Trillion per year. If the Trust Economy were a country it would be the 2nd largest economy in the world. The development of our authenticity and emotional intelligence is the key to establishing and deepening these relationships.


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