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Navy Seal Training

Navy Seal Training

Once you are able to accept potential worst case outcomes without shutting down all things are possible. Learning to stay focused during worst case conditions is the type of emotional labor training received by Navy Seals. In conflict situations, when our walls go up and we lose focus people die. In business and in life, when we raise our walls and lose focus by becoming resistive, judgmental or attached to outcomes relationships die.

Staying calm, aware and conscious in the present moment is the true test of an authentic emotionally intelligent leader’s effectiveness at handling challenges. By lowing our walls, blood continues to flow to our brain’s executive center (prefrontal cortex) enabling us to be creative and innovative. However, when we raise our walls our executive center shuts down triggering a fight, flight or freeze response which rarely ends well.

We must be welling to practice facing the potential of worst case outcomes in order to lead. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to mindfully perceive, control and evaluate our emotions. Emotional intelligence is not an innate ability. It is developed and strengthened by doing emotional labor that moves us out of our comfort zones. Resistance to change can hinder efforts to position for an even better future, leaving a company vulnerable to becoming irrelevant. Learning to accept potential worst case outcomes without shutting down makes all things possible.