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Old Age

Old Age

The journey to the dissolution of our physical form accelerates as we get older. It also carries with it great potential for the awakening of our authentic, emotionally intelligent self. In most ancient cultures old people were respected and revered. They were the repositories of experience and wisdom without which no civilization could survive.

For many years now, old has taken on a negative connotation. It equals useless and so we regard it as almost an insult to refer to someone as old. In old age the emphasis shifts from doing to being. Unfortunately, our civilization has become lost in doing and knows little of being.

As we age we have an even greater incentive to do the emotional labor required to become less resistive, judgmental and attached to outcome. Old people that have reconnected with their authentic, emotionally intelligent selves become radiant. Their weakening physical forms become transparent to the enlightenment of consciousness.

During the rapidly changing times in which we live old age is beginning to be recognized as highly respected and valued. As we become more mindful we are better able to tap into the creative powers of our imagination. Those most present are most influential. Rather than being feared, old age needs once again to be revered.



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Louise Smith 15/5/2018 · #2

@Phil 🐝 Johnson, MBL and Brand Ambassador @beBee
What concerns you (personally) most about aging?

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Mohammed A. Jawad 15/5/2018 · #1

Older workers, after all, are seasoned people who can be well regarded as 'mentors', with their wise counsel and sound decisions.

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