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Our Collective Consciousness

Our Collective Consciousness

Our life is always fully contained in this present moment.  We often view living in the present moment as some obstacle that needs to be overcome so we can get to some better moment in the future. 

The reality is that we are separate from our thoughts.  We are the observer of our thoughts.  We need to develop the authenticity and emotional intelligence to understand the distinction between our ability to think thoughts and the enlightened power of being present in each moment.

For those sheepdogs who are ready, this awakening will shift their consciousness.  With each person who awakens to this reality the collective consciousness grows making it easier for others.  Only by awakening can we come to understand the true meaning of the word.  Once begun, this awareness to is irreversible.

The process requires our ongoing emotional labor. It took years to forget the openness we practiced as a child. We need to lower our walls and release everything that is not our authentic self. The difference between a remarkable life and a mediocre one is not nearly as large as we might imagine. Our greatness comes from taking little steps, consistently. We are each unique energy waves on the ocean of the collective energy consciousness.


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