Phil Johnson in Directors and Executives, IT - Information Technology, Marketing CEO & Founder • Master of Business Leadership Inc. May 11, 2019 · 1 min read · 2.1K



Having patience while setting challenging goals is the key to better results. There is no guarantee we will achieve them but we are willing to endure the fear and discomfort of moving through the process. Connecting with a harmonious passion to achieve a desired result that resonates with us becomes our motivation.

Researchers have determined that when our challenges exceed our skills by at least 4 percent we have entered the “flow” state. When we are in the state of flow we are taking in far more information and processing that information far more quickly and completely. In this process we learn how to fail fast while envisioning more and more creative and innovative solutions.

It is through this process we develop our grit, authenticity and emotional intelligence. Setting hard goals that challenge our authentic selves often elevate the play in those around us. It also strengthens our humility and patience as we learn to focus more mindfully on the present moment. By doing hard things we realize our ability to do other hard things. The accelerating rate of global innovation and change requires that we learn to become comfortable with filling uncomfortable.

We also need a soft place to fall when we fail on the way to achieving our desired results. If we feel safe we are more willing to take risks, innovate and embrace change.   Authentic, emotionally intelligent leaders are willing to put themselves at risk and stare into the abyss of failure for the sake of others. They would never sacrifice those they are leading for their own personal benefit. Having patience while setting challenging goals is the key to better results.