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Practice Violence of Action

Practice Violence of Action

Practice Violence of Action

We are great at rationalizing our actions by telling ourselves rational-LIES. We must be willing to move through our fear toward the Vision of our desired results. Refusal to do so keeps us stuck in our comfort zones with our current actions and results. We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are. When we confine our dreams with artificial boundaries – we are cheating our self and cheating those around us of being with our authentic, emotionally intelligent selves.

We often talk our self into accepting less because we have never been taught how to be more. Understand these boundaries are not real. They are merely the reflections of a set of limiting beliefs we carry around with us. Beliefs that may have been passed down by limited thinking and behaviors from generations before us.

We each have a set of unconscious habits that reflect our strategy for achieving success. We did not design this winning strategy, it designed us. It is the source of both our success and our limitations. It focuses our attention, shapes our actions and our view of reality. It determines what is possible and impossible for us as individuals and organizations. Our winning strategy is not what we do. It is the source of what we do and who we are choosing to be in this moment. The continual practice of small changes and emotional labor required to move us out of our comfort zone is essential for better results.


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