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Reasons to Blog

Reasons to Blog

Blogging is a source of creativity and the antidote to fear

It keeps you moving forward, through your anxiety, even when you make mistakes. Successful people have learned how to keep moving forward, through their fear, toward their desired results. This process will strengthen our grit while developing your authenticity and emotional intelligence. The practice of sharing what you know about the world is the antidote for your fear. When you are committed to creating and embracing tension you are committing to create change.

Blogging daily creates greater awareness

It provides an opportunity for you to practice making decisions. The blogging process requires you to stop and think and feel on a deeper level. It clarifies your thoughts and emotions while reflecting on lessons learnt. It enables you to view yourself as more of an entrepreneur of your ideas and views rather than simply an employee of the ideas and views of others.

Blogging enables deeper understanding while inspiring others

Blogging will encourage you to focus on the things and events that have the greatest meaning in your life. Your expertise will develop over time as you continue to learn more and more about your passion. Your posts create a platform for others to add their comments and insights.

Blogging puts you are on the hook for your comments

You the risk of stepping forward and stating what you believe. This is good practice that can carry out into other areas. It lets people know who and what you are about. There is an accountability to “show up” each day, step outside of your comfort zone and service your community.

Blogging helps to identify your Tribe

Blogging helps you to identify, connect with and serve your true fans. Your posts will resonate with some and not with others and that is to be expected.

Blogging helps us to live on purpose

It connects you with your values and beliefs. It provides a platform for discussion around topics you care about passionately. If leading a life that has meaning is important to you there is no time like the present to engage with those you seek to serve. If you are doing something that matters you become unmistakable.

Blogging builds your trusted relationships network

Share and teach something every day. You will connect with fellow travelers while becoming more honest with yourself about what you are thinking and why. The benefits that come from the discipline of blogging daily are extraordinary. It is the little thing you can do that gets you started on the path to changing your world. Belief comes from doing not the other way around. Blogging is a good idea even if few people read it.


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Claire L Cardwell 27/4/2018 · #3

@Phil 🐝 Johnson, MBL and Brand Ambassador @beBee - blogging has been great for me, leading to new opportunities and business.


I like your "Blogging puts you are on the hook for your comments". Today, people love to use social media and many people comments are typed faster than they come out of our mouths.
It reminds me of a lesson we did with my Cub Scout Den. Each boy had a tube of toothpaste. They were allowed to squeeze it out and make a big of a mess as they wanted on the plates for 5 minutes. After the time was up, we asked the boys, "Using these small plastic knives and spoons, put all the toothpaste back in the tubes." The paste represented our words we speak. Just like our comments on line. We may be able to erase a comment. Yet, "ONCE ONLINE, ALWAYS ONLINE."

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Also, if done well, blogging can help one's personal brand. Isn't that what beBee blogs are for?

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