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Seeing Clearly

Seeing Clearly

There are patterns in our behavior that get in the way of our ability to see clearly. As we learn to become less resistive, judgmental and attached to outcome we are able to see ourselves and others more clearly. We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are. Masters of awareness do not just do more with what they see, they see more before they do. Do not give away your power by trying to make others extraordinary at your expense.

We each have a set of unconscious habits that reflect our “winning strategy” for achieving success. We did not design our winning strategy, it designed us. It is the source of both our success and our limitations. It focuses our attention and shapes our actions. It determines what is possible and what is impossible for us as individuals and organizations. Our winning strategy is not what we do. It is the source of what we do and who we are choosing to be in this moment.

Though we often live as if the present moment is some obstacle that needs to be overcome so we can get to some better moment in the future. Our focus on thinking over many thousands of years has separated us from the condition of truly being present. This has caused us to lose connection with ourselves and each other.

Who we think we are is very different from the authentic emotionally intelligent person we need become once again. Our survival as a species demands that we transcend into now. We need to develop the wisdom to understand the distinction between our ability to think thoughts and the enlightened power of being more fully present in each moment.

For those who are ready, this awakening will have a dramatically positive effect on our results and our life. With each person who learns to transcend into the now it will becomes easier for that choose to follow this path.