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Surfing The Wave

Surfing The Wave

Our emotions are energy waves that shift constantly. Like breathing, emotions happen without having to think about them and like breathing, you can regulate them by bringing attention to them without resistance, judgment or attachment to outcome.

Simply naming our emotions, without labeling them as good or bad, can release stuck or negative emotions and amplify positive emotions. Ultimately, our emotions are a vital indicator of whether or not our needs are being met. Leaning to appreciate all emotions and identifying these needs is an important step in achieving better results.

The emotions and energy we choose to surround ourselves with has a huge impact on our results. The process whereby the behavior of an individual or group of individuals gradually begins to spill over and affect the behavior of the group as a whole is called emotional contagion. We catch the wave of emotional within the organization.

In order to create a safe business environment where employee failure and innovation are seen as essential building blocks on the road to success, authenticity and emotional intelligence is essential. Innovation requires trust and the feeling of safety.  You must believe that the people you work with have your back.  Authentic emotionally intelligent individuals would never sacrifice your safety for their personal benefit.


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