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The Authentic Leadership Guarantee

The Authentic Leadership Guarantee


                                                         Learn How To Out Care The Competition

Victims view power as external, something that needs to be acquired. They need to be around other victims, like themselves, to manipulate and feed off of each other’s negative energy. They are often resistive, judgmental and attached to outcome. By reducing the pool of negative energy in an organization, the victims are forced to reconnect with their internal source of energy and authenticity. If this does not occur they will eventually leave the company for a new source of negative energy. They seek to create and are drawn to drama, chaos and conflict.

Authentic leaders view power as internal. They have no need to manipulate others because they are connected to their own energy. They have learned how not to give their energy to those around them. Authentic executives demonstrate a high degree of emotional intelligence. This multiplies their effectiveness and results.

We all have a primal urge to feel safe.  Employees become disengaged if they lose trust in their organizational leaders’ ability or willingness to protect them from danger.  If we feel safe we are more willing to take risks, innovate and embrace change.   If we do not trust our leaders none of that will happen.   The organization will become more and more fragmented and vulnerable to external threats.

Authentic, emotionally intelligent leaders would never sacrifice your safety for their own personal benefit.  Authentic acts of emotional generosity build trust.  When employees feel safe they will feel free to engage at a deeper level with their customers.  This is how to create a highly effective organization that can and will our care the competition. Establish an authentic leadership developmental process within your organization and let the ‘Law of Energy Physics’ guarantee better results.