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The Beginning

The Beginning

The authenticity and emotional intelligence you and your company demonstrate in the service of others will determine the value of your relationships and exchanges. What is your distinct perspective of the world? What is your Vision and hope? What was the beginning of your story?

Go back to the beginning and take us to where you are today. Examine your journey thus far by reading your life backward. Want direction for the future? What real “job” are you here to do? What skills has your life revealed? What knacks uncovered? What Vision starts your engine? Look back over your life. What have you consistently done well? What have you loved to do? When were you on purpose and when you were adrift?  What have been some of the recurring themes in your life? Discuss your challenges, fears, habits, beliefs and victories. Find and engage in the passion that your uniqueness brings out of you.

How is the trajectory of your life changing? What about your results? Look at the actions you have taken or avoided.  The feelings and results that you experienced when your walls were down reflecting your authenticity and emotional intelligence verses when they were up. What lessons has your journey to mastery taught you thus far? How can others benefit from your wisdom? Look for patterns and bigger themes. How much are you willing to give of yourself? What are you here to do? What is the only reason you are here?


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