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The Instrument of Change

The Instrument of Change

Many people believe pain is the only instrument sharp enough to cause change. Pain is knowledge rushing in to fill a gap. The inevitable pain change creates requires emotional labor in order for us to acknowledge and move through the pain toward our desired results. The science behind this journey is called self-directed neuro plasticity. It is the deliberate evolution in our consciousness that is required to address the accelerating rate of change we face. This is because no one can act beyond their level of consciousness.

When we can no longer stand the cycle of pain and suffering we begin to awaken to a higher level of consciousness. The more we resist these evolutionary impulses the more we suffer. For those who are ready to doing this emotional labor this awakening will have a hugely positive impact upon their behavior and results.  I call these individuals sheepdogs because their actions inspire the sheep while protecting them from the wolves that seek to control and feed off of their energy. With each new sheepdog that is developed it becomes easier for others to follow their example. 

The development of our authenticity and emotional intelligence will enable us to make better choices. Emotional intelligence allows us to feel the pain that change creates without becoming overly distressed. Our higher consciousness allows us to view our thoughts with less anxiety. Focusing on the present moment enables us to move away from our ego based entanglements. This path leads to less resistance, judgment and attachment to outcome.

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