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The Rapid Change Revolution

The Rapid Change Revolution

We are in the midst of a rapid change revolution that is going to destroy the status quo and enable the seemingly impossible. We need to be doing emotional labor now to develop our emotional intelligence. We will need these capabilities in order to navigate through the tsunami of change headed our way. Emotional intelligence compliments intellectual intelligence and will dramatically improve our effectiveness.  It will better enable us to embrace the unimaginable that lies before us.

The term singularity describes the moment when civilization has changed so much that its rules and technologies are incomprehensible to previous generations. We can think of it as a point-of-no-return in history. Most thinkers believe the singularity will be jump-started by extremely rapid technological and scientific changes like the ones we are beginning to see. These changes will be so fast, and so profound, that every aspect of our society will be transformed, from our bodies and families to our governments and economies.

A good way to understand the singularity is to imagine trying to explain the internet to someone living in the 12th Century. Your frame of reference would be so different that it would be almost impossible to convey how the internet works, let alone what it means to society. We are on the other side of what seems like a singularity to the person living in the Middle Ages. But from the perspective of The Singularity in 2029 and what is about to happen, we are the medieval ones. Talking about the singularity is a paradox, because it is an attempt to imagine something that is by definition unimaginable.


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