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The Toxic Environment Solution

The Toxic Environment Solution

The Servant Warrior Leader was one of the first books I wrote.  It was published by Manor House in 2007.  This audio version was recorded in studio the following year.  Connecting with our authenticity and emotional intelligence enables us to embrace change while raising our consciousness.  No one can obtain results beyond their current level of consciousness.

As a side note, when I originally published this book in 2007 the level of employee engagement was at 29%. Since then it has fallen to 13% globally. Unfortunately this reflects the toxic environments that continue to exist within most organizations.

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Executives who live and work on purpose grow revenue and profitability faster.  Employees love it, customers love it and the company’s stock price and market valuation sores.  It also provides greater motivation to embrace innovation and change.  Enlightened leadership inspires others because of the undeniably positive results that are achieving.  The enlightened leader’s actions have the ability to arouse the “discretionary energy” in others.  Their leadership serves to inspire others to want to contribute more.  They do not use “position-based power,” or a “carrot or stick” approach.  They simply demonstrate the strength and courage to be themselves.  This often inspires others to do the same.  We are living in a global economy that is more interconnected than ever before.  Enlightened executives are realizing that the command and control skills that got them to where they are will not get them to where they need to be in this global marketplace.

Kimberly Kaminski, VP Global Sales Development at ServiceNow, Santa Clara California

The Servant Warrior Leader audio book offers leaders key concepts for claiming their authenticity.  I keep one in my car and one on my iPad and I listen to it often.  What’s more, I’ve passed on several copies to friends and colleagues who have told me they truly appreciate the insights shared with them.  Most important, the Master of Business Leadership program concepts reflected in The Servant Warrior Leader are actionable and I can attest that they work!

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