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This Life Is For A Purpose

This Life Is For A Purpose

Life is a game that cannot be won – only played. It is time for us to come out of the shadows and let our unique, authentic light shine. We do this by learning to become let resistive, judgmental and attached to outcome. The emotional labor this process requires also helps us to develop our emotional intelligence.

We are standing on the shoulders of all the generations that have come before us. It is not enough for us to simply read about and admire their challenges and accomplishments. We have our own work to do just as they had their work to accomplish. We can honor their lives and efforts by focusing mindfully on the present and creating our own legacy.

We are not doing this today. Humanity is displaying behavioral patterns that are at odds with our continued survival. We fight ourselves and each other too much. The organism called humanity is taking too many simultaneous hits to survive without a coordinated healing response. The global challenges we face have metastasized to the point that we need to create a holistic solution. That solution begins with each one of us – you and I. We must change our trajectory. Dealing with the symptoms of our challenges while continuing to ignore the root cause of those challenges is no longer enough.

The majority, which represents the status quo, will only move when a minority of authentic emotionally intelligent leaders, which I often refer to us sheepdogs, show them the way. In these challenging times many people and organizations are operating day-to-day in what amounts to a chronic, low grade amygdala hijack.  When we experience one of these hijacks, we find it increasingly difficult to concentrate and we begin to burn trust as our focus shifts to what is troubling us.

I believe that we have come to a tipping point in our history. We can either fail or succeed. The global economic turmoil we are experiencing is merely the backdrop to the choices that we must now face. We are having to run faster and faster to stay in the same place. We need to make better choices. One of the most needed skills we see in the world today is leadership. We need to add authenticity and emotional intelligence to our toolbox of skills and behaviors. Our life is for a purpose and this is that purpose.


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