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Transparency and Brand Equity

Transparency and Brand Equity

Without trust nothing else matters. Trust is the prism through which all business success must pass. Businesses must provide useful information while demonstrating radical transparency to be trustworthy. Your service must provide insights that goes beyond simply providing information.  You can outcome the competition by developing your authenticity and emotional intelligence.

In order to become a trusted advisor to those you serve you must first understand the gap where they are verses where they what to be by asking lots of questions.  We get paid for helping them to close that gap in three ways – money, trust and referrals.

Trust can be earned from those we serve if we are trustworthy. It is up to us, as individuals and organizations, to earn that trust. When you provide a new perspective on a problem that your client has not been able to solve you earn a level of trust and respect. When you are able to articulate their wants, needs and challenges better than they can to themselves, you become a trusted advisor.

The ultimate brand equity strategy is the development of our authenticity and emotional intelligence. Creating brand equity is about learning to become non-resistive, judgmental or attached to outcome. What matters most in branding is how the service we provide makes our clients feel.

We cannot fake the feeling of being in the presence of an authentic brand. We ‘catch’ the feelings of others. The mirror neurons in our brain resonate with the energy of the person actually having the experience just as if we were the one having that experience. Emotions, whether positive or negative, spread like an energy virus. Authentic branding creates a positive energy vibration leading to higher levels of engagement and market acceptance.


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