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Trusting Relationships

Trusting Relationships

                                                                                Trusting Relationships

Laughter is a sophisticated form of right-brain intelligence that is important in building deep relationships. Laughter conveys empathy and is contagious. It stops us from our left-brain thinking as we happily begin to lower our walls. It provides something the left-brain cannot; greater engagement and collaboration.

Stressful situations cause our brain to release an anxiety producing hormone called cortisol. In contrast, laughing leases endorphins which creates an opiate “high.” This is referred to as societal glue. Laughter reduces stress. The endorphins released also lower blood pressure and boost mood.

Our brain’s open loop limbic system is influenced by the emotional connection we have with others. We ‘catch’ the feelings or mood of the others in the group. Positive emotions spread like a virus. Smiles and laughter create a positive chain reaction. They send a message to our unconscious mind that causes us to lower our walls, establishes trust and cements relationships.

Our brains respond to the positive resonant energy and moods of others faster than negative dissonant energy and moods. Laughter instantly locks our brains emotionally intelligent limbic systems together engaging hearts and minds while inspiring trust and higher levels of engagement. Laughter is the most direct way of establishing emotional brain-to-brain communications and trust with others. It creates a limbic system lock.

Trust and reputation are the currency of the new “trust economy”. The foundation of trust comes from the willingness to sacrifice for one another. We refer to these individuals as “leaders” because they are willing to risk moving out of their comfort zone. Our survival depends upon our ability to surround ourselves with people that believe what we believe. When we feel safe trust emerges. Trust can only be given to us by others. We need to demonstrate trustworthiness in order to earn their trust.

The network of trusted relationships is your most valuable asset. The global economic value of these networks is growing much faster than the old economy. Its current value is estimated at over $10 Trillion per year which would make it the 2nd largest economy in the world. The new trust economy is going to grow much faster than the old economy. Your ability to provide the service you offer with authenticity and emotional intelligence will enable you to nourish and deepen these extremely valuable relationships.

You can start developing your emotional intelligence by visualizing what you want. Begin with the end in mind by connecting with how it feels to have achieved that result. You must see what you want before you can start to bring it into reality. Realize you are doing one of the wisest things you can possibly do – working from the inside out. Your current results are nothing more than the physical manifestation of your previous thoughts.

The emotional labor needed to develop emotional intelligence is very different from physical or intellectual labor. When we find ourselves looking for a shortcut, an excuse or an easy way out, we are actually indulging in emotional laziness. Emotional labor is not easy to do which is the reason so few people and organizations actually change or achieve dramatically better results. Yet regardless of how difficult it may be, the rewards far out way the effort required.


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Jerry Fletcher 17/9/2017 · #1

Phil, you brought to mind one of my favorite quotes, "Your Network is your Net Worth."

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