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Unlocking Our Human Potential

Unlocking Our Human Potential

It’s time to realize that the development of our authenticity and emotional intelligence is our greatest asset and investment. We need to break with the old industrial control management model that treats chairs, buildings and land as assets and people as expenses. Nowadays, almost everyone feels tremendous pressure to produce more for less. At the same time, the vast majority of people are not using their passion and talents to the fullest potential. There is profound disempowerment and alienation of people in the organizations in which they work. If people do not feel safe they will not embrace innovation and change.

How can successful people get even better? Ironically, their incredibly positive self-image may actually be getting in their way. It may be coloring their view of reality, which in turn may be adversely affecting their results. The journey to authenticity and emotional intelligence begins with an honest assessment of how things are today, not how we would like them to be. Too often, people in companies find it difficult to focus on things other than bottom line results. We need to develop and nurture human potential in order to achieve better results both now and in the future.

This is ultimately an organization’s key advantage in the marketplace. They have the courage to accurately perceive their own current realities. They also have an urgent need to move in the direction of better results. They take action and in the process confront the fears standing in their way. The battles they fight are internal conflicts even though they may have been triggered by external events. The victories and the lessons learned move them towards greater awareness and understanding. Looking inward provides the answers and insights that allow them to become inspirational leaders. They seek to be who they are, and recognize their inter-connectedness with those they serve. The development of our authenticity and emotional intelligence will enable us to out care the competition.


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