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Who Eats First

Who Eats First

Authentic, emotionally intelligent executives have your back.  They would never sacrifice your safety for their own personal benefit.  Selfless acts of emotional intelligence build trust.  Organizations must develop authentic, emotionally intelligent leaders to create the trust that leads to better results.  When your employees feel safe so will your customers.

Employees become disengaged if they lose trust in their organizational leaders’ ability or willingness to protect them from danger.  As their level of anxiety increases their immune system shuts down making them more receptive to poor health.  The victim environments we work in are killing us. If we feel safe we will take risks, we will innovate, and we will embrace change.   If we don’t trust our leaders none of that will happen.   The organization will become more and more fragmented and vulnerable to external threats.

In the last ten years employee engagement has dropped globally to less than 13 percent.  Position based power “leaders” who are unwilling to step up and risk their personal safety have violated a deep seated social contract with the group they are leading.   They should never sacrifice those they are leading for their own personal benefit.  This is why we become angry and offended.  We don’t trust them because they failed us.

The primary job of every executive is to create a safe work environment that encourages risk taking and failure. This enables growth, innovation and change. Unfortunately in many businesses today we often see give bonuses given to executives who are willing to sacrifice others so the organization’s key stakeholders can gain.


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