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Saints young Cornerback: how will the team contend this season

Saints young Cornerback: how will the team contend this season

After a disappointing 7-9 season in 2015, the New Orleans Saints picked up right where they left off in 2016. They suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Oakland Raiders to kick off the new campaign. While the offense was explosive as usual, the Saints defense showed many of the same holes that it did last season.

Despite a 424 yard, 4 touchdown performance by quarterback Drew Brees, the Saints still lost 35-34. In a division that features the powerhouse Carolina Panthers, offense can only get you so far. New Orleans ranked last or nearly last in every defensive category last year, and Week 1 appeared to be more of the same.

Delvin Breaux

To make matters worse, young standout cornerback Delvin Breaux suffered a broken fibula during the loss and is expected to miss at least six weeks due to the injury.

Breaux was arguably the Saints best defender in the secondary. He led the team with three interceptions, but that's not the only thing that makes his loss significant. Breaux is a leader on the field, and he possesses the intelligence of a savvy veteran despite this being just his second year in the league.

Although he is expected to miss a significant chunk of this season, a healthy Delvin Breaux could be the long-term answer for the Saints defensive woes. Remember this when you're looking for review.

P.J. Williams

With Breaux on the sidelines, it will be up to the other young, inexperienced corners on the New Orleans roster to lock down some of the league's best wide-outs. P.J. Williams is now in his second year with the team, and the spotlight will now most likely shine on him in Week 2 as the Saints face the New York Giants.

Normally, Giants superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. would spend most of the game shadowed by Delvin Breaux. Instead, he will most likely be covered by the inexperienced Williams, which could cause nightmares for Saints head coach Sean Payton. While Williams has shown a considerable amount of promise, his lack of experience should give pause for concern.

De'Vante Harris

Another young prospect that could see a lot more playing time is De'Vante Harris. After going undrafted, Harris was signed by the Saints and earned himself a spot on the roster after an impressive showing in the pre-season. He will now most likely be expected to man the field opposite P.J. Williams. Harris showed off an impressive defensive IQ in college, and the Saints will need more of the same if they hope to avoid giving up over 480 receiving yards per game like they did last season.

Coupled with an aging linebacker corps and a young, inexperienced defensive line, these two young corners will really have to step up their game if the Saints hope to contend in the NFC South this year.

Offensive Powerhouse

The Saints may have had a less than stellar 2015 on the defensive side of the ball, but the New Orleans offense is one of the most explosive in the NFL. Led by future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees, the Saints put up a whopping 419 passing yards per game, good for first in the league.

With Brees at the helm and a wealth of young wide receiver talent to complement him, the Saints offense should at least ease the loss of Delvin Breaux and keep New Orleans afloat. The inexperienced secondary is sure to give up quite a few big plays, and Brees will need to counter with big plays of his own.

Even though their defense is filled with aging linebackers and an inexperienced secondary, a high powered offense should be enough to keep them in the hunt most weeks. The young guns will only continue to get better, but for now, they just need to be good enough.