Versatile Ways to Quit Smoking

Versatile Ways to Quit Smoking

Although the urge to smoke is incredibly powerful for most cigarette smokers, you are not at the mercy of such cravings. Whenever the urge to smoke strikes, it is important to remember that regardless of how intense it gets, cravings are usually short-lived. The craving will probably pass within a short time whether or not you smoke. You are one step closer to quitting every single time you successfully resist the urge to smoke a cigarette.

With the availability of several different techniques to quit smoking, knowing the healthy ones might prove difficult, especially with the wide circulation of misinformation that accompanied the accessibility offered by the internet. Below are healthy ways to quit smoking.

Avoid triggers

Cigarette cravings are likely to be strongest when you are exposed to the same situations you were in when you often smoked. As such, triggers are the factors that set off your nicotine urges such as places and people. Try to avoid all your triggers when trying to quit smoking. Below are helpful tips on how to outsmart the most common smoking triggers.
• Discard all your cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, and anything else related to smoking.
• Refrain from taking caffeine since it can make you jittery. Instead, try to drink a lot of water.
• Spend your time with non-smokers by going to places where smoking is not allowed.
• Make sure you consume healthy foods and get plenty of rest since fatigue is a common trigger.
• Alter your routine so that you can avoid whatever you associate with smoking.

Get physical

Apart from being beneficial to your overall health, physical activities such as exercising, jogging, or yoga can help to not only reduce the intensity of cravings but also to distract you from the nicotine cravings. You can eliminate cravings by taking 30 minutes to perform a moderate physical activity. Get outdoors for a jog or walk and if you happen to be stuck indoors, try deep knee bends, squats, running in place, push-ups, or even walking up and down stairs. If you are not interested in such physical activities, take on a healthy hobby such as woodwork, needlework, or journaling. Household chores such as vacuuming are also great for distraction.

Practice relaxation techniques

While resisting nicotine craves can in itself be stressful, cigarette smoking might have been your way of dealing with stress in the past. In addition to benefiting your health by improving blood circulation, practicing relaxation techniques takes the edge off stress. Some of the most viable relaxation techniques to practice include hypnosis, muscle relaxation, deep-breathing exercises, visualization, and massage.