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“Get off your backside Philip!” he barked. It's a Sales Lesson I’ve Never Forgotten

Thirty eight years ago I was starting out as a Trainee Junior Sales Representative for a large insurance company. We didn’t sell our products direct to the public, but through intermediaries. Back then we called them brokers – today they are IFAs, financial planners or financial advisers.

I was shadowing Dennis who was an extremely experienced and successful salesman, and we had arrived for a meeting at the offices of a large insurance broking firm in the City of London. We signed in (no security passes back then) and the friendly receptionist said “Take a seat gentleman, and I’ll tell them you’re here. Would you like some coffee?”

At the ripe old age of eighteen I smiled to myself, feeling pretty important that I was being offered coffee by some big shots in the City. I moved over to a group of large, comfortable-looking leather armchairs in the corner of the reception area, picked up a copy of a glossy magazine and made myself comfortable.

“Get off your backside Philip! Always stand in reception areas. Never sit.” Barked Dennis.

Dennis was a Senior Consultant and had been doing the job for at least ten years; he was very successful and looked the part too - wearing the most immaculate suit and tie. Though the fact that he also wore Dr Martens